ZEV Pro Compensator V2 14mm CCW – Umbrella Armory .EU
by PTS

ZEV Pro Compensator V2 14mm CCW

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The ZEV V2 PRO Compensator is a drop-in adjustable comp that fits the G17, other Glock models, and various pistols and can even be mounted on rifles. It features contoured porting, an enlarged guide rod channel, and a new mounting system that permits secure installation and removal. The V2 PRO was developed and optimized for the Glock 17 but will fit and function on all Glock models, other pistols, and rifles with a corresponding threaded barrel.


PTS ZEV Pro Compensator V2 (14mm CCW)
CNC-machined 6000 Aluminum Construction
14mm CCW threaded barrel
Dimension – 26 x 22 x 33mm
Color Black