G&G Drop-In Upgrade Gearbox – Umbrella Armory .EU

G&G Drop-In Upgrade Gearbox

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Upgrade Gearbox built from the ground up in Austria compatible with a Perun programmable trigger unit with a button trigger sensor. 

Build List: 
ETU Trigger Unit with PERUN ETU++ Extension (optional)
Umbrella Hair Trigger Tuning (Red Trigger)
Umbrella Air Nozzle Aluminium
POM Cylinder Head
3/4 Brass Cylinder

Umbrella Piston with AOE Correction

Umbrella Piston Head
Umbrella 8mm High Strength Bearings
Krytac Tappet Plate 
Umbrella Hardened Steel Gearset (Short Stroked)
Umbrella ARL
Krytac Nautilus Gearbox Shell
Krytac Spring Guide
Guarder Spring (depends on selection)

DSG Build:

Compatibility: AEG V2 (including G&G, VFC, and more) Standard G&G MOSFET Compatible 

G&G: ARP9, ARP556, SR15, SR30 and most others.
Contact us to find out if your gun is compatible.